Junky Styling Fashion Show

I love Junk Styling. I love their designs, their choice of fabric, the thought behind the clothes, their shop. My expectation aren’t that high as I’m just looking forward to the show, to see what I usually like. And of course the clothes were great. But the styling and the make up and the choice of are just not things I would have chosen or associated with Junky. Maybe I’m just confused but I think Junky styling is very English, the hip english, the cool english, but "No diggity", by Black Street just didn’t seem right. In fact it seemed really wrong. Sometimes I just not sure if it’s me thinking these things, or maybe I just don’t get it, on some level I’m so used to not getting it or understanding the ways of the world I just have to think what I think.


The second the show was over, the crowd rushed into the shop for their free drinks!


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