Went to the Apollo this evening October, she invited us which was quite cool. The Delays are super cool and they opened for Embrace which seems to have quite a loyal loving fan base.


A good place for non greasy English breakfast in Hampstead!


Off on another train journey with Carla B. for a shoot. We went to Eastleigh and we weren’t expecting much but we were wrong and had a wonderful day. Every now and then Carla and I are off on a road trip to shoot a case study for a newspaper – which simply means realContinue reading


Met October yesterday and she’s such a wonderful girl and brilliant singer. It’s so cool to meet someone for the first time and you feel like you’ve known them for years. We drove several hundred miles yesterday trying to make our way to the video shoot. It all seemed very rock & roll. Last nightContinue reading


I was going to see the show Victim, it wasn’t going to start until B Rude finished, so I went to see what all the excitement was about. “You have to hand it to Boy George. Although the karma chameleon has a court case looming (for drug possession and filing a false police report), heContinue reading


I love Junk Styling. I love their designs, their choice of fabric, the thought behind the clothes, their shop. My expectation aren’t that high as I’m just looking forward to the show, to see what I usually like. And of course the clothes were great. But the styling and the make up and the choiceContinue reading

Link: FT.com / Arts & Weekend – Bored with London Fashion Week. There is another time in the calendar when London could steal some limelight. Couture, a shrinking branch of fashion, happens over three days in Paris in January and July as do the "pre-collections" – displays of the collections that are delivered to storesContinue reading


Oh to see this show is such a treat. I remember my first Basso & Brook show a few years ago in the tent at LFW. I got to stand right near the end of the run way just below the photographers, it was the best view, images from that show have become just partContinue reading


I love the photographers at fashion week, we tend to forget but the show can’t start with out them

Link: London fashion should ban thin models – LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell urged organisers of London’s Fashion Week on Saturday to ban "stick-thin" models from its catwalks. But The British Fashion Council (BFC), which runs the London Week, has said it will not tell designers how to run their shows. ItContinue reading


Barbie Volkswagen “We’ve brought you the Mitsubishi’s Hello Kitty i, and now, in our never-ending quest to provide complete coverage of all children’s-toy-themed automobiles, we present the Mexican-market Volkswagen Beetle Barbie. No battery-operated kiddie toy, mind you, the Beetle Barbie is a bona-fide VW New Beetle, finished in a retina-searing hot pink paint job decoratedContinue reading


This hat was made specially for my photo shoot. I felt so lucky!! Of course it took a bit of pining to stay on but it was the most amazing hat.


Went to a going away party of one of my favourite people. This is Jenn, she used to be my booker and now she’s off to Canada!