Case Studies

I went to Buckinghamshire for a shoot. Some of my shoots are with real people, some with . And yes, there is a distinction between and real people. tend to have a realistic self perception as they are used to seeing picture of themselves and what they really look like. This particular shoot was with a real women for a newspaper; newspapers & weeklies often send out a team to photograph someone for a story/feature that they are writing about.

Sometimes it’s very difficult for a "real" person to do a photoshoot. You have to think about what you really look like. And maybe you wouldn’t be doing the shoot if you didn’t want to look at your self…? Anyway, your body might have changed, and of course it changes it’s not stagnant! Your perception become out of sync with what you really look like, or with your memory of what you think you looked like. And for some reason you think you’re bigger then you are and you’ve been dressing for this bigger person for a while. Some women have fun at these shoots, it’s like a girly pampering day, an opportunity to have a professional make artist & stylist for an afternoon. We styled one women who was about a size 20UK and she looked amazing, she had that effervescent, bubbly personality that you just want to be around and of course she looked lovey in the shoot and we all had great fun. Another day we styled a size 16UK women, which is a very average size who had many self perception/body/style issues. She said she’d gained wait over the sometime and only wore baggy clothes. I think sometimes we are afraid of fashion we don’t understand what a powerful postive tool it can be…I guess sometimes I find it frustrating that women face so many selfesteem issues and have misconceptions about their bodies.

In the middle of nowhere asking firemen for directions…


One thing I do like about these shoots is traveling to some very picturesque places.




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