London Denim

Whenever I bring London Denim jeans to a shoot, all the want to buy them, great skinny jeans! In the photo below these London Denim jeans have been customized for Harrods. I have a skirt from London Denim that I wear all the time and I’m not
a big denim wearer as I haven’t worn jeans for years. I do love denim and love to use it for shoots and I
know how versatile a good pair of jeans can really be. When I was fourteen I had the most wonderful pair of skinny drain pipe jeans that I just loved, my uncle bought them for me when we were visiting London. So when I wore then in Canada I felt super cool knowing no one else had them and that they were a present. I wore them everywhere and also had a great Levis 501 denim jacket that I wore until it was so faded and soft and then years later I gave it aways to a good friend and some how I seemed to have give up denim at that moment. And now I’m finding my way back to denim…it’s amazing how many labels are out there.


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