Ugly Toe nails

First I apologize for complaining but I really need to rant a bit. Not too many things really get to me but I’ve been noticing too many ugly feet while on the tube. It might be because I’m looking down and generally avoiding eye contact. Unfortunately the hot weather had enabled too many men who usually wears socks with their sandals, to forgo the white socks. We all know socks with sandals is a NO NO, but did we think there was a worse option? Actually I didn’t, but there is.

Now, I find that most men usually have ok feet because they tend to wear that are a better fit and more comfy then women, (who tend to cram their feet into a size too small).  Anyway recently I’ve seen some of the worst hygiene in my life, just some very nasty looking feet, mainly toe nails. I can’t even describe them. First, it’s very hot on the tube and I already feel sick and then to see some gross abnormalities.. it’s too much…have some people not heard of a toe nail clipper or a nail brush?

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