Billy Idol tour In Nova Sad, Serbia

Just outside our hotel in the late afternoon, it’s suddenlty felt like another world.

The crew waiting in the lobby

People walking to the Fortress for the show

Brian Tichy & Toast videoing


I’ve been trying to get a good picture of Brian, but I get lots of motion blur partially beacuse of my camera but also beacuse he’s moving so blood fast.

A very cool stage I love the screens


And the word “Exit” for the Exit Festival, even the security guards were labeled exit on the back of their shirts. Good branding!


This is Matt Young aka Toast, he plays drums during Mony Mony. He’s also security/Tour assistant to Mr Idol and plays drums with his own band. He’s great to work with, I totally adore him.



This is me and — who gave us all a ride back to our hotel as we were unable to hail a taxi. He love the show. It really is a cool experience to watch it from on stage. Of course it’s great fun to be in the audience and just have a great night out dancing way, watching your Idol and hanging out with friends.



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