Women & Poverty

I find it quite rare to see women begging for money on the
streets but I’ve noticed it in the past few cities that we’ve visited. I find
it really disturbing; it’s one of my fears of being old and living in poverty.
Somehow it’s ok to be young and do the poor starving artist thing but the reality
of being old and poor is frightening. "About
half of all women aged 65 or older who were on their own were living in
." from the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada. This study was done about 30 years ago
and the percentage hasn’t changed much, and we are a rich country.

I felt a bit funny taking these pictures, like I was doing something wrong. I
felt like it’s a violation and at the same time I want to remember, to know
that this is a reality not just something that I studied at uni.




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