I really like styling swimwear. There really is a great deal of choice and lots for the individual to chose from. You just have to be a bit patient and try on different styles to find the one (and there will be more then one style) that suits your body type. If you feel aContinue reading

First I apologize for complaining but I really need to rant a bit. Not too many things really get to me but I’ve been noticing too many ugly feet while on the tube. It might be because I’m looking down and generally avoiding eye contact. Unfortunately the hot weather had enabled too many men whoContinue reading


I never go to Portobello market on a Saturday, it’s so crazy busy and the sun was blazing again. But I saw so many cool designers, of course most of them ask you not to photograph their garments & accessories as no one wants their designs copied. Maybe I can go back on a Friday…


Breakfast at the Portobello Hotel. A cup of good English tea to start the day. Funnily enough I didn’t drink one cup of tea the entire time I was away on the BFI tour. The Miller Residence is so lovely and whimsical I just want to curl up on the sofa and listen to storiesContinue reading


Worked with a darling make up artist called Candy, and then went to the Portrait Gallery after the shoot. So many great things to see in London!


So cool!!! I went to the press day today and I just want all their stuff! One necklace that I admired was about £20, 000!  www.TheoFennell.com


Saw this girl in the tube asked if I could take her photo and asked her what she did. Naturally she’s a model at Storm called Holly. Love the hair.


Helicopter on Finchley Road. How odd there is a helicopter outside, just hovering. Lots of people stopped to watch


On the way home from the airport I saw this girl, how cute, sitting on a bench with a laptop chatting on her mobile!


Saw this magazine "Annabelle", in Luceren, I couldn’t read it but I like the look & feel of the shoot & the cover.


This was our last night in Frankfurt and of course a few of us chose to partying in the hotel. The crew was really amazing. When you’re the only girl out on the tour and you’re hanging out with about 10 really cool guys all the time, so you feel pretty spoiled! I have toContinue reading


This is the last show of the European tour. Except a few of us, everyone off to Chicago to do the DVD and catch up with Gwen Mullen, Billy’s personal stylist!


Lovely Days Festival in St Polten July 22nd I felt sooo lucky watching The Who from the wings!! Kate is such a cool girl, she was working with The Who live, we’ll meet up in London for drinks soon.


I loved this hotel room. It was lush and ornate, I loved the canopy and the heavy curtains. It was such a beautiful room but it just reeked of smoke. I don’t smoke but in most hotels the smoking rooms  don’t smell like this, I understand how smoke just seeps into the drapery but stillContinue reading


Hotel Room. Nothing to exciting but the service at this hotel was great. Everyone was in a very festive mood because of the "Blue Balls Festival". And I loved the lift has it had a little bench in it! Out with friends after the show!


Lucern is one of the most charming, picturesque place I’ve ever visited. It looks like Switzerland. I’ll never look at a cuckoo clock the same way. I aways felt they were cute but a little touristy, now I know better, the chalets all have peak roof tops, and painted shutter windows and there are soContinue reading


Just hanging out If you’re going to have a fondu, Switzerland is the place to do it! This Lindsay Vannoy, who has a reputation for his lovely hair is a super great guy (and he really does have nice hair, it’s quite thick and he even showed me a picture of when it was long!).