I’ve got a new agent!! Becki at Oak Management, she used to be my old booker about a year ago and then she’s started her agency mainly with properties and now she’s moved on to photographers and stylist. Should be an interesting move!

Auction of THE COSTUME DEPARTMENT Auction of The Costume Department, specializing in film and television costume, approximately four hundred lots of high quality vintage and contemporary costume ranging from children wear, uniforms, school wear, work wear, sports wear, men’s and women’s fashions and accessories from the 1940s to present day ranging from the commonplace toContinue reading

A good friend of mine Hannah Marshall auditioned for Project Catwalk. She made it down to the final 22 but not the final 14. Anyway, Hannah, she is such a wonderful up & coming designer that it would have been great publicity for her, but maybe she is just too nice and not flamboyant enoughContinue reading

DLKW created pan-European campaign for Opel TwinTop. I love this campaign. The making of the commercial -it’s not in English but it’s still really interesting.


It’s so good to be outside in the hot sun doing a summer shoot. I worked with Alya Kuptsova, a lovey Russian model with the cutest accent. She was taking picture of everything, it’ s her first trip to London and she’s only been here a week. This shoot felt like a holiday, maybe becauseContinue reading


Yesterday London was empty. There was no one on the streets, everyone was on the pub watching football! After winning the game, everyone was celebrating in the sunshine! I do think Londoners really know how to enjoy themselves. There’s a certain freedom, maybe a letting go of all the polite formalities and just having fun,Continue reading


Ok, so this event is still happings. Curious mmm… go to Non Photography day Why put down your camera on 17th July? Non- photography day is an effort on my part to revive the moment by putting down the camera. It is a day to think about how life exists, in essence and not appearanceContinue reading


Link: Motorola and D&G Are Going for Gold – Softpedia. The Italian design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have added distinctive liquid gold finish, a personalized background with screensaver, a tailored sound for power up and down, an exclusive polyphonic ring tone and a video clip illustrating 20 years of Dolce & Gabbana brandContinue reading


Link: Gayle’s Chocolates: Product Catalog. Chocolate High Heel Shoes. All shoes are handmade and no two are alike. Shoe measures seven inches long, six inches high

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Who doesn’t like a cupcake? I don’t really eat them but I can’t help but admire them. When I was little my mum made me an angel food cake that had sprinkles on top. She always baked a cake of your choice on your birthday. I don’t ever remember what it tasted like, just howContinue reading


Went to see Julia Fullerton-Batten exhibition at the Charing X Gallery. The images are playful and thought provoking. For some reason you’d think the photographs were taken by a women. I’m not always sure why this is, it’s not one particular thing, but a combination of impressions. What is feminine, feminist, is it because theyContinue reading


I had 31 old MAC Make-up containers, you can recylce them at the MAC store and for every 6 old containers they’ll give you a new lipstick! This isn’t a new service, MAC has done this for years, anyway I like MAC because it’s a Canadian company. If you visit their site it will tellContinue reading

Check out this blog on Brand Protection. I really hate fake bags, brand, labels, sometimes it so hard to tell what is real and what isn’t  and of course, some are so obvious it’s painful. Did you know that something can be imbedded in a thread, to trace the authenticity of a garment – humanContinue reading


Link: the cool hunter – JAPANESE APARTMENT BLOCK – TOKYO. JAPANESE APARTMENT BLOCK – TOKYO E-mail Thursday, 09 March 2006 Image What we most love about all things Japanese is that they vary so radically from intelligent design to the completely wacky. The most recent work from New York based designers Arakawa and Gin isContinue reading

Link: Gadget Candy. Second chance to bag a Roberto Cavalli fashion phone! The big-hearted blokes over at 3 have given us three Roberto Cavalli handsets to give away to GadgetCandy readers – one every two weeks for the next, well, six weeks. Available with a black, silver or gold hide, the wild fashion phones haveContinue reading