Covent Gardens

It’s always good to be a tourist and enjoy your own city. I saw some good buskers today but I didn’t see one person who dress sense inspired me…In a way I do find tourists quite charming. They always wear flat and shorts, and maybe even a hat. They might have a back pack and of course the map is placed in an obvious spot, for all locals to see. A tourist wouldn’t dress this way at home, but somehow the status of tourist allows us a very laid back, casual look, that screams out I’m a tourist. Maybe it’s like a warning be nice to me, I’m on holiday, I don’t know my way around but I just want to have a break from my every day life, just be nice to me…

This street performer is throwing knives and eating an apple. The crowd loved it. I ran into him later in the afternoon and took a photo of his puppy.


Friendlier than he looks, he just a puppy


This is one part of Covent Gardens where you can always see some truely talented musicians and singers. It gets really packed on the weekends.


and of course lots of cute shops. This shop had some “tea pot” hand bags in loads of silly colours. I’m not sure who would really carry one but I do really like porcelain tea pots…it might be because I like but I’m not sure…


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  1. Margaret
    June 20, 2006 at 12:12

    The dog in your photograph, looked like a brindled staffordshire bull terrier. They are banned in ontario and Manitoba. One of the dog trainer has a little brown and cream pit bull, but he lives outside winnipeg (her name is Maggie).

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