Miss Biba and jewelery shoots

This girl make not only the coolest jewelery, but there are so many pieces that I want, and I’m not really a jewelery girl. I used to be the kind of girl that loved & wore loads of jewelery, then I don’t know what happened. Things change and I just have seen anything that I really felt was me. Jewelery is very personal and I always think it makes a great gift, it’s just so intimate. Miss Bibi is also a graphic artist and you’ve probablely seen her work a hundred times in like Jalouse.

It would be great to do jewelery shoot with Miss Bibi!



I love using statement pieces in shoots, I would love to be the type of
stylist who piles on the jewelery, but just haven’t done the type of
shoot that called for that. I do like jewelry shoots and did a cool one
a while back. To see the whole story just click on the link Risk Versus Reward.


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