More Cake

Ok, so I’m still thinking of . It’s just so appealing
looking. So yummy! I have found some very interesting tasting cakes that look
so delicious. There is a Japanese cake shop not far from Piccadilly
Circus. Most of the cakes are made from Azuki beans, kidney beans,
soy beans), grains (mochi-rice, rice flour, wheat), potatoes, sesame seeds,
Kanten (a natural hardener) and sugar. It might not sound so great, but it’s so
pretty & it’s good to try different things. I think I’d love to do a tea
party shoot. I’m sure every girl wants to. It’s not that I’m interested in
being a food stylist that’s a whole different art. It’s just, as I mentioned I
like cake. Even at my wedding I wasn’t so concerned about my dress as I was
focused on finding the perfect three tiered cake. A girl can have lots of
dresses but you just don’t have the opportunity to have a 3 tiered cake very often
in your life.

Minamoto Kitchoan



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  1. letitia
    March 21, 2008 at 3:03

    i just turned vegan last week after finally reading up on PETA, and this sounds like a great find when I move to London..thanks for sharing!

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