Charing X Gallery

Went to see Julia Fullerton-Batten exhibition at the Charing X Gallery. The images are playful and thought provoking. For some reason you’d think the photographs were taken by a women. I’m not always sure why this is, it’s not one particular thing, but a combination of impressions. What is feminine, feminist, is it because they are teenage girls not portrayed in an overtly sexual way, anything sensual seems incidental… (not to say that male can only photograph teenage girls in a sexual way…) is it cultural or conditioning that gives me these impressions, sometimes its just really hard to understand how we come to our own conclusions.

It’s worth a look, June 9th – July 21st



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    July 6, 2006 at 12:12

    I got your address from a friend.
    I am a fashion / art photographer and currently I have a great exposition at the Museum of Photography in Antwerp.
    If you want , i could sent you my book ‘ chateau Lagrange’
    Kind Regards,
    Marc Lagrange

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