Claire at Bloww

This is a picture of Claire at Bloww, who has just finished giving my fringe a
trim. It took me ages to find someone in London to cut my hair. I went to the same stylist Daniel’s in Toronto for years, and I
hate having to say to the hair stylist cut my hair like this, I want to look
like so & so…I figure they are the professional, they know face shapes
and hair textures etc, they’ve styled hundreds of people, so I’d rather just
leave any hair decisions up to them. Of course they have to be good, but just
look at Claire! She’s so cute, loves vintage, has several pairs of Bettina Liano
jeans, finds cool things on ebay for fashion shoots and has red hair!!


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  1. Martin
    May 22, 2008 at 21:21

    I love your short fringe !!! You are beautifull !!

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