How cool, from my balcony you can see the stage being set up! They are expecting 15,000 people, which seems like everyone who lives in the area! It’s really one of the biggest events that is happening here and one of the opening band is Finnish, “Lordi” who won Eurovision 2006 so there is lotsContinue reading


I met a cool band on the way to Helsinki, called the Vamps, you can learn more about them at www.myspace.com/vampsfans. They’re touring Finland & Holland for most of JUly but will be back in London for a gig on the 4th hope to be there! Sorry, Jax the bass player is missing from theContinue reading


I’ve arrived in Tuuri. As you know I’m a city girl and zone 2 is as far as I like to go. If I can’t hail a taxi it’s not somewhere I’d like to be. Right now I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere, actual I am in the middle of nowhere. ItContinue reading


Did a cool shoot with two models, Kate & Natasha @ Bookings. We were waiting to shoot on a yacht but it still hadn’t arrived in London and the weather was looking a bit iffy. I didn’t want to put the shot off because I was going away so we changed the idea and shotContinue reading


Ruth is have a launch party for her CD! For more info visit her site http://www.ruthpalmer.com/


This is not what it looks like! It’s actually a print to make it look as if the knickers are visible!! How cool and stilly is that!! I’d love to wear one!!

Spend most of the day organizing my visa for my trip to St Petersburg! Should be quite cool! The line up was quite long and people start queuing at 5am, and the office is only open until noon, so if you’re too far back in the queue, you just have to come back another day!!Continue reading


Is it still a fake when it can be anything, but a fake? Is there a kitch market that loves the fake bag , or is it "hey £5, I’ll take it!"


I was out doing returns today and who do I run into, but Gok! He was filming his series in River Island on Oxford Street! It airs next week so I’m quite excited that I’ll be here to see it. How to Look Good Naked June 2006, Channel 4 – Fashion series from the makersContinue reading


I love Tights Please. I love their over the knee socks with bows and wear them all the time. And now they are offering "Caffeine Tights"! Now, I am a big coffee lover. I love the smell of coffee, coffee beans covered in chocolate and just hanging out in cafes. But tights? I’m a bitContinue reading

Yesterday I got to hang out with 3 very cool & inspiring Canadian women, Rahel, Emma and Ann. Rahel, I met ages ago when I was studying women’s studies and theatre in Montreal. She used to work in technical writing and now has her own company, Intentional Design focusing on content management & usability. AnnContinue reading


I love vintage fashion fairs and have found some amazing things at this one. So if you have a chance check it out! The next Vintage Fashion, Accessories & Textiles Fair is on Sunday 25th June 2006, 9.30-4.30pm at Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London, SW11. I bought this jacket at a vintage fashion fair.Continue reading


It’s always good to be a tourist and enjoy your own city. I saw some good buskers today but I didn’t see one person who dress sense inspired me…In a way I do find tourists quite charming. They always wear flat shoes and shorts, and maybe even a hat. They might have a back packContinue reading


This girl make not only the coolest jewelery, but there are so many pieces that I want, and I’m not really a jewelery girl. I used to be the kind of girl that loved & wore loads of jewelery, then I don’t know what happened. Things change and I just have seen anything that IContinue reading


Canada is cooler then you think! Link: zipped.org – Best of the web all in one place. BBDO created a subway poster that has a fully functional headphone jack imbedded in it, which plays samples of various exclusive tracks available at pepsiaccess.ca. There are close to 100 posters playing 12 different tracks running in TorontoContinue reading

OK. You probably don’t realize it, but most stylists (especially assistants) are good at laundry and ironing. We know lots about starch, which laundry detergents we like best, and we might even have a preferred fabric softener. On a shoots I’ll use an iron for men’s shirts but otherwise I prefer a steamer. Stylists areContinue reading


Ok, so I’m still thinking of cake. It’s just so appealing looking. So yummy! I have found some very interesting tasting cakes that look so delicious. There is a Japanese cake shop not far from Piccadilly Circus. Most of the cakes are made from Azuki beans, kidney beans, soy beans), grains (mochi-rice, rice flour, wheat),Continue reading


This is such a cool bag. You can see lots of other cool designs at http://joaosabino.blogspot.com/

I’ll be away most of July styling for Billy Idol! July Sat 1 Keskinen Shopping Centre (outdoor) Tuuri Sun 2 Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland Mon 3 New Arena,St Petersburg (outdoor) Wed 5 Riga Arena, Riga, Latvia Thu 6 Ice Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania Sat 8 Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia Mon 10 Cotroceri Stadium, Bucharest, RomaniaContinue reading