day off

It’s good to take a day off, or maybe it’s really more of a day in. I didn’t leave the house today. It felt ok it be inside when the sky was dark & grey & there was drizzle, but as soon as the sky turns blue I feel obliged to go outside, but I resist and stay inside. Every now and then I really just don’t want to go out. I spend most of my days running around picking things up and returning things, oh and of course standing in line. What is London with our queues? Most don’t realized how much running around there is. It’s lots of logistics, how to find things, and find them fast! It’s all errands. I get lots of e-mails of wannabe fashionistas who all start their e-mail with "I have a passion for fashion". It drives me a bit nuts. Everyone asks how do I become a fashion stylist? Well, you just do it! It’s funny, in a way it’s like asking how to I become an artist? No one has asked me that.

Anyway, It’s good to eat popcorn,have a laugh, and just forget. Have you seen the movie Kung Fu Hustle?

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  1. letitia
    March 21, 2008 at 3:03

    Love your blog! Just found it…we are worlds apart now, but I just got accepted to LCF so will be heading to London this summer…and you are very right, I never asked “how-to” I just did it!

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