Ever forgot your mobile?

I always knew that I was dependent on my mobile and that I liked having one, especially a new mobile phone but today I forgot my mobile for the very first time ever. I even take my phone to the gym with me. There are signs that say “no ” but it’s on silent, in my pocket, why should I be deprived of a call just because I want to exercise?

Before I leave the house I usually check to make sure I have my phone, it’s more important to me than house keys or money. Today I was styling Ruth Palmer, accompanied by Theatre de l’ange Fou for a short film to accompany her DVD.

After an ordeal with the tubes I finally arrived at the right tube station only to I realize that I don’t have my mobile so therefore I don’t have the address of where I’m going and I realize that I don’t know my husband’s phone number, as of course, it’s in my phone. I’ve never used a pay phone in London before and I realized that I don’t like them: fiddling to put coins in, touching a phone that appears rather dirty as the phone booth has several beers bottles scattered about from the night before. I love how they look from the outside all bright red…so London…Anyway I did find a business card of a , Carla B, she was able to give me my husband’s phone number, so I could phone him and ask him to look up the address in my text messages so I could get to the shoot. I made it to the shoot but felt isolated; I kept looking at other peoples mobiles on the table knowing I couldn’t take any photos. I don’t think this will happen again.

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2 comments on “Ever forgot your mobile?

  1. anina.net
    May 21, 2006 at 19:19

    hi rebekah! i love your blog! i was just stopping by to show it to someone and wow! you are up and blogging. xxxxxxx anina

  2. anina.net
    May 21, 2006 at 19:19

    what i think is really interesting is that the way you found your husband’s telephone number again. it took you only one business card and a phone call…what do they call that? 3 degrees of separation?

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