This is the cutest room. It’s so tiny without feeling tiny but then I’m barely 5 foot 2, and I’m  sure someone of six feet would feel like a giant but I love this compact little room! My Hotel is just off Bedford Square. It’s  like a boutique hotel – which I just love. WhoContinue reading


Ginette Spanier, the Directrice of Balmain. I love a good book and I cannot resist buying them at little sales, maybe it’s a church sale or a market stall but I love a used book. Not a library book, although I do have a library card. I think I bought this at a bookstore nearContinue reading

It’s good to take a day off, or maybe it’s really more of a day in. I didn’t leave the house today. It felt ok it be inside when the sky was dark & grey & there was drizzle, but as soon as the sky turns blue I feel obliged to go outside, but IContinue reading


I went to Spitafield market today to visit one of my friends who has a stall there. (Sheryl is on the left!) She designs fun girly clothes, lots of dresses! Spitafield market is great, lots of great food, and cakes and of course lots of clothes!!


Hans Richard’s “Dream That Money Can Buy” With The Real Tuesday Weld. yes a movie night at the Tate accompanied with live musicians!! It’s oh, so cool. You can buy strawberries and cream and they give you a little cushion to sit on and you can watch a movie in the wonderful Tate Modern. “HansContinue reading


I’m not sure what I think. But if any thing it makes me think, and that’s want I’m always looking for. Something that inspires me, without judgment, it doesn’t matter that it makes me angry and sad. It’s just good to feel something. The women are already exploited, the artist is exploiting them, maybe IContinue reading


I’m not sure what this is about, but I keep seeing these little posting around the Tate modern. Who would want a "non photography day"? What does it mean? Any ,why, why ,why?


Last Autumn I went on tour with Billy Idol. This pic is from our last show in Germany. He’s doing another tour in Europe this July!


Some very cool t-shirts! They also have a shop near Carnaby Street.


Today I met with one of my favourite people, Gok Wan. He was one of the first people I met when I moved to London. I was visiting a PRs and he just happen to be pulling some clothes too. Gok was so friendly, telling me different PRs to visit, where to find certain items,Continue reading

Link: ElectricNews.net:News:Apple and Nike become running partners. "The latest Nike  Air Zoom Moire runners can connect to an iPod Nano through the soon-to-be released Nike  Sportkit. The wireless Sportkit receiver plugs into the iPod which can then display graphical information on time, distance, pace, and calories burned. This data is received from a sensor inContinue reading


You can see the whole story of the wonderful enchanting Anina.net at flux shoot . The new issue of Flux is out!


One of my favourite things is listening to the horses pass by my window in the morning.


I seem to spend much of my time running around central London, going to PRs and little shops to organize my shoots. I am always running through Oxford Circus, sometimes it’s too busy and too many people, but part of me likes that. I like that everyone j-walks. I’ve been told that it’s a hotContinue reading


I took this picture of Ray at a location house today.  Ray showed me his polaroid books which were quite cool, it’s really reading someone‚Äôs private diary. I don’t often see Polaroid books as so many photographers use digital. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Things change. My mobile is like a journalContinue reading


Today I’m wearing a pair of bright blue patent flats with a velvet bow that I was given at the Kurt Geiger press day. I don’t really wear flats any more but I like the colour. I have small feet so I tend to like coloured shoes. These shoes remind me of when I boughtContinue reading


I met Anina on a fashion shoot for Flux magazine. She was so wonderful and just up for anything, I loved her energy and I felt like we has so much to chat about. Besides I’ve always loved red hair. All my best friends have red hair, and one friend colours hers…it’s not a prerequisiteContinue reading

I always knew that I was dependent on my mobile and that I liked having one, especially a new mobile phone but today I forgot my mobile for the very first time ever. I even take my phone to the gym with me. There are signs that say “no mobile phones” but it’s on silent,Continue reading