French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (1936 - 2008) in London, 11th November 1958. He is preparing for the following day

The V&A announces that in February 2019 it will open the largest and most comprehensive exhibition ever staged in the UK on the House of Dior – the museum’s biggest fashion exhibition since Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. Spanning 1947 to the present day, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams will trace the history and impact of one of theContinue reading

Styling a young happy shoot – Boy Mate Girl Date – Fashion Editorial with photographer Armin Weisheit  01. 02. 03. 04.  05. 06. .07   Photography: Armin Weisheit @armin_weisheit using the Leica S system Fashion & Art Direction: Rebekah Roy @rebekahroy Hair and make-up: Nora Nona @norahnona using MAC Models: Hamad and Catriona @firstlondon 01. Hamad wears: jacket by Scotch & Soda, shirt by Penguin, jeans byContinue reading

I really wanted to do a red shoot. It was everything that I was feeling: power, powerless, anger, love, rage, loss so many emotion mixed together. There is always a red moment, it was in lots of collections and suddenly it was everywhere. Photography: Darren Black Stylist & Art Direction: Rebekah Roy Hair & Make-up: Evan Huang using MacContinue reading

Pastel candy and sorbet colours are slaying it this season but don’t think that means that fashion isn’t power! Shot for Disorder Magazine, we have attended Graduate Fashion Week for almost 20 years, and it’s always the cause of much excitement. GFW showcases the work of graduates from 87 universities and colleges from across theContinue reading

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I’ve been using Palm & Sole for over a year now and the Three-In-One FACIAL MEZZE Red Mandarin & Cleansing Castor that includes a little pot of exfoliating grounds is one of my favourite products. It’s a masque, daily cleanser and exfoliator all in one. This is when taking off your makeup and removing the daily sludge of city life,Continue reading


Learn how to follow a brief. It’s not about how good you look and your style. It’s about how good you make other people look. Find your team – your photographer, hairstylist, make-up artist and nail artist. It’s all about teamwork – be a team player. You will become highly organised. Be nice to PRS – return things onContinue reading

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When someone dies people give you cards and they send you flowers. It might not seem like a big deal, you might not even know what’s the ‘right’ thing to do – but it’s really worth doing something -and I can tell you it’s greatly appreciated. It’s these types of gestures that makes you feel less alone. I wasContinue reading


I wear mostly dresses and it’s December, almost Christmas and I’m sick of black tights. I keep my tights in two boxes: the more pratical boring black tights in one box and then, there is the other box. The other box is more exciting – it has big fishnets tights in greens and pinks and smallContinue reading


I feel protected wearing my wedding ring and I’ve started wearing more rings. I wear them like armour, they some how save me a little bit. I can’t explain it. I think it’s just something that jewellery has the power to do. Jewellery was first made from shells, stone and bones that survives from prehistoric times. You canContinue reading


Sometimes you don’t quite know what you’re getting yourself into. After visiting a herbalist in Marrakesh he suggested we (I was travelling with a friend) visit the Hammam Mouassine. I jump at the opportunity as I love skin care – I have dry skin so I’m always looking for the perfect healing remedy. After someContinue reading


I wish someone had told me . . . I thought I’d share this post with you from What’s your grief. After my husband passed away I read as much as I could about grief and loss. Some of it was really helpful and some of it made me cry even more. Not all the thingsContinue reading

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So it’s almost London Fashion Week and every season brings new emerging talent. I find it so inspiring, there’s lots of great energy & excitement. I’m working with fashion Scout’s show case of The Ones To Watch. The winners receive the opportunity to showcase on the catwalk during London Fashion Week! I’ve been very fortunate to style and beContinue reading


Come September we’re going to see lots of fashionistas wearing the River Island + Ashish collaboration. I can’t help but love Ashish’s collections, they are fun, happy, easy to wear and beautiful. Somehow they mean something, they feel more than just clothes… It’s personal, Ashish’s collections have always had some kind of message from ‘I’mContinue reading

Dear Husband, Today would have been our wedding day. I miss you. It was such a lovely day, Everyone was so happy and we were such a joyous little group. I wore a pink suit to the register’s office. I don’t know what happened to that suit. I had white fairytale dress for our wedding, I think I still haveContinue reading

I love shopping, and one of my favourite things to do is to buy something local when travelling. In Chani, Crete you’ll find lots of tourist shops with long flowing embroidered dress, pretty but not my thing. There’s a H&M, Zara and Diesel but if you’re looking for something a bit different it’s worth visiting Georgina Skalidi’sContinue reading

Even thought I love accessories it’s still always fun to go to a press day especially when you’re enticed by getting your nails done at the DryBy in central London, they do blow drys too but I love getting my nails done. You’re forced to sit still for 20 minutes – it’s like a timeContinue reading

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I’m always being asked for top styling tips so I thought I’d start sharing some with you. It’s really easy to get into a style rut. We often choose the same colours and same shapes with small variations and we ignore that are bodies change. Clothing is an expression of who you are. You are communicatingContinue reading

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I went to work the other day, and several people asked me if I’d been on holiday or gone to a spa – as I looked refreshed. It was a feeling that I remembered but it felt new and exciting, I had energy, I felt like myself  and all it took was one good night’sContinue reading


  The six Pakistani designers selected for Fashion DNA: Pakistan 2016-17 programme debuted their capsule collections in a catwalk show at Fashion Scout on 18 February 2017.   I styled this show featuring six designers: Gulabo, JEEM, Munib Nawaz, The PinkTree Company, Sonya Battla and Zuria Dor. It was the first time all the designers were showing in the UK. It was really important for them to beContinue reading

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I love my wedding ring. My husband was a true romantic. He proposed to me on the Isla Mujeres – the Island of Women near Mexico, searched the jewellery district in New York to find me a vintage engagement ring and then had my wedding ring made for me by a small family run jeweller in Hatton Gardens.Continue reading